Hey You Guys! A Group Art Tribute To The 80’s

I’ll be part of an upcoming show called – Hey You Guys! A Group Art Tribute To The 80’s.

My piece is an homage to the classic days of Dungeons & Dragons. I spent many hours painting miniatures and pouring over my Monster Manual. Therefore, the best way for me to pay tribute was to do my take on a classic monster – The Beholder!

Below is the framed piece that will be available along with 10 prints (very-very limited edition) at the show opening February 21st.



More show information:

Cricket Press has organized a group art show titled, Hey You Guys! – a tribute to the 80‘s. We’ve invited a group of area artists to participate in this, our very first group exhibit in our Bread Box Studios space. We’ve encouraged participating artists to interpret and riff on this theme however they see fit; 80’s pop culture references, movies, video games, comic books, fashion, fads, toys, tv shows, music, etc.

This show will be held at the Cricket Press Studio+Gallery at 501 West Sixth Street, Suites 185 Lexington, Kentucky 40508. The show will run from Feb. 21st – March 31st. The opening reception will be during Lexington’s first Gallery Hop of 2014, Friday, February 21st from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

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