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  1. Hello. I loved your work at C2E2. Do you have a tumblr, twitter, fb, etc.? I’d love to follow your work. 🙂 Thank you~

  2. Hey i met you at the last minute on Sunday. I really like how you use your textures and I am a fellow vector artist. Do not know if you remember me. But I hope you like my work and we can remain in some form of contact.

    -Abdullah Kassem-

  3. Bryan,
    I met you this summer at Wizard World Chicago. I was blown away by your art. When I arrived home to Ann Arbor, Michigan, I shared your site with my Local Comic Shop, The Vault of Midnight. They were so impressed that they used one of your poster images as their store screen saver for awhile. The Vault has recently opened a second store in Grand Rapids that is thriving. I don’t know how the business end of the art world works, but I would say they might be a good vendor for your prints and books. Here’s the link to their website…

    Curtis and Liz are the owners, and are really cool folks.

    Best of luck to you, and I’ll keep checking out your site from time to time.

    Take care,

  4. Hi Brian!

    We met at Elite Comics, and talked with another fellow named Bryan. I dig your work! It’s cool and graphic and reads really well. I’m an artist myself and have been meaning to connect with more artists in the area. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    It’s great to meet you,


  5. Saw you and your work at comicon KC and it was great, best work I saw there. Will be putting an order together!

    John and Kim shannon

  6. Hey Bryan, it was really cool talking to you at St. Louis Wizard World on Sunday afternoon. I’m the guy who bought the large fox print on canvas.

    It’s mounted on the wall between two remote controlled light sabers. 😉

    Looking forward to seeing you at the KC Comic Con you told me about next year and buying more stuff!


  7. Hi Bryan, I saw your work at last years NY comic con and it’s absolutely stunning. There was a piece, a hot air balloon. I loved it on canvas, but funds were short and when I got back to your booth Sunday, it was gone. Not surprising, but is there any chance you might have another with you this year?

  8. Hi Bryan!

    I purchased a few pieces from you in October at comic Con. I specifically fell in love with your Iron Giant piece.

    I’d like to request some subject matter to then purchase from you.

    All the best!

  9. Hello Bryan,
    I meet you at the rose city comic con and bought the picture of the watcher was wondering if you had any of the limited edition you where talking about

  10. Bryan,
    I met you at NYCC and bought a framed portrait of the male wolf. You mentioned that there would be a companion female portrait coming. I’d love to see it and consider purchasing it when it is released. Any idea on the timeline?
    Alan Schwartz

  11. Hello Brian I’m trying to find one of the framed Hatbox Ghost portraits you had done, its a beautiful piece. I believe there were 95 made. Disney World in Orlando is out as far as I know. Do you know anywhere I can purchase one? Thank you Brian your talents are amazing

  12. Hello Bryan –

    Met you at the O Comic Con at the Mid America Center. Heard you talk at your forum and met you after at your booth. Love your work and we ended up buying two pieces.

    Question, if you don’t mind telling, we were wondering where you get your work printed. We love the paper that you used and would love to use it for some of our works here in Omaha at the Hot Shops Art Center.

    Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you again. Awesome Awesome … did I say Awesome work!

  13. Im curious about the significance of the number 72? Love your work and look forward to Christmas when all my loving family will complete The Haunt set for me! Theyd better!

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